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Single Person/Single Screening License
$1.25 per student/viewer





Single Student/Single Screening License (High Schools only)
$1.00 per student/viewer






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Here's the basic deal. If you want to show "Dante's Inferno" in a public setting to an audience (be it in a classroom, auditorium, small theater, the wall of a building, etc.) you need an institutional license. And we're selling them. We really need to recoup the money put into making this film, which leaves us no choice but to defend the copyright of the film.

You have two choices. If one wants to license the film for a single screening, you may use this page (see below). A single screening license doesn't include the actual DVD. That you must purchase separately (any retail version purchased here or elsewhere will do).

Or you can buy a permanent license. The "edited for high school" DVD is only available for permanent licenses, not single screening licenses.

You can order immediately using PayPal (see below), or [download this form(link to come)] to pay by check.

"But I already have the DVD. I'll just show it to my class, no big deal." Hmmm. You could do that. But owning a retail DVD doesn't give you the right to show it publicly. It just doesn't. What will happen? Maybe you'll get away with it. But if you want artists to be able to continue making work, you have to respect their rights of ownership. If we hear about unlicensed screenings (we get emails from students all the time asking for things), your institution will be contacted.

Many schools have already licensed the DVD and have had great reactions from their classes.