dante dvd


High School License $125

Includes a standard DVD and an edited DVD. The edited version (only available to high schools. it has some of the possible pitfalls edited out: the lust scene and some language).



College/University License $125

Includes standard DVD.







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Here's the basic deal. If you want to show "Dante's Inferno" in a public setting to an audience (be it in a classroom, auditorium, small theater, the wall of a building, etc.) you need an institutional license. And we're selling them. We really need to recoup the money put into making this film, which leaves us no choice but to defend the copyright of the film.

You have two choices. If one want to license the film for a single screening, you may buy a single screening license.

Or you can buy a permanent license using one of the options below. These licenses are permanent and don't expire. The standard license covers in classroom and other uses. The license in non-transferable. If a special or extra admission fee is charged to attend the screening, you need to contact us to arrange the details.

You can order immediately using PayPal, or contact us to pay by check. The order will include a certificate as proof that you hold a license.

"But I already have the DVD. I'll just show it to my class, no big deal." Hmmm. You could do that. But owning a retail DVD doesn't give you the right to show it publicly. What will happen? Probably nothing. But if you want artists to be able to continue making work, you have to respect their rights of ownership. We do hear about unlicensed screenings (we get emails from students all the time asking for things). We know your budgets often stink, that why we've made the fees so reasonable.

Many schools have already licensed the DVD and have had great reactions from their classes.